4 months of Free Mubi cinema at home – be quick!

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Mubi have recently been advertising a deal for 4 months free for £4 – sounds good right? Well not quite …

So currently, if you go via this link, you can get 3 months for free.

However, if you want a 4th month completely free, then its super simple.

Go to settings, and click where it says “SUBSCRIPTION”

Then after that, underneath the payment method, click “Cancel MUBI Subscription”

They will try to tempt you to stay at this point. But scroll right to the bottom and click “CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION”

Then this is where the magic happens – you will be offered an extra 30 days for free!

Click this, and you will see you now have 120 days of Mubi for free!

Now set a reminder to cancel the subscription – wait until close to the end, as if you cancel now, your access will stop immediately.

What is Mubi?

Mubi is a streaming service that offers a curated selection of films from around the world. The films on Mubi are hand-picked by a team of experts, and they range from classic cinema to contemporary arthouse films. Mubi also offers a variety of features that make it a great platform for film lovers, including:

  • A constantly rotating library of films, so there’s always something new to watch
  • In-depth reviews and essays on each film
  • The ability to create and share watchlists
  • A vibrant community of film lovers

If you’re looking for a streaming service that offers a unique and thoughtful selection of films, then Mubi is the perfect choice for you.

Mubi is a great way to discover new films. The team at Mubi is constantly curating a selection of films that are both critically acclaimed and visually stunning. Mubi is also a great way to learn more about film. The platform offers in-depth reviews and essays on each film, as well as interviews with filmmakers and actors. Finally, Mubi is a great way to connect with other film lovers. The platform has a vibrant community of users who share their thoughts on films, recommend new movies, and discuss the latest news in the world of cinema.

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