3 months of free books, audiobooks, documents, sheet music and more!

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Alright, savvy savers! Your favourite deals hunter has stumbled across an absolute belter of a freebie with this Scribd business.

You’ve obviously heard of Audible for audiobooks, and Netflix for films, but did you know there’s something similar for eBooks, magazines, documents, and all sorts – including audiobooks?

Buckle up, because I’m about to walk you through the sneaky way to bag yourself a whopping THREE months of Scribd for free!

What is Scribd?

Think of Scribd as the Netflix of reading and listening. This subscription service has an insane library of goodies:

  • eBooks: Latest bestsellers, classics, you name it.
  • Audiobooks: Get a story read to you while you cook or drive.
  • Magazines: Popular titles for inspiration and keeping up to date.
  • Documents: Recipes, travel guides, how-to’s, you’ll find it all here.

What else do I get access to? (e.g. Everand)

Scribd throws in access to ‘Everand’ as well as its own massive library. That’s where you’ll find the whole collection of ebooks, audiobooks, and even sheet music if you’re a musician.

How long is the trial for?

The standard free trial clocks in at a generous 2 months. Plenty of time to see if you love it. But here’s where I swoop in with the insider knowledge…

How do I get 3 months?

This is the good bit. If you try to cancel before the end of your trial, under the reason “I don’t use it enough,” there’s a good chance Scribd will offer to extend your freebie by another 30 days! Just be sure not to go through with the actual cancellation. Genius, I know.

What is great about it?

One cracking feature on Scribd is you can download loads of the documents for offline reading and keep them forever, even if you end your subscription. So, those tempting recipes or that phrasebook for your travels are yours until the end of time. Love that!

Not all documents can be downloaded, but enough of them can be to make a massive difference!

What am I using it for?

Personally, I’m a language geek and Scribd is a goldmine for language textbooks and audio courses. Travel’s in my blood too, so those downloadable guides are essential. There is a lot of useful ADHD and Autism support on there – I highly recommend the excerpts from the ADDitude magazine for example!

There’s a bit of something for everyone though, with audiobooks being perfect for long commutes or a bit of downtime.

Any watchouts?

Here’s the thing, remember that Scribd is a subscription. If you love it after three months, then great! But if not, make sure to set a reminder to cancel before those sneaky charges go through.


Look, with three free months of ebooks, audiobooks, and endless documents at your fingertips, it’s a no-brainer to scoop up this Scribd trial. Follow the instructions for the cheeky extra month, and discover a whole world of content!

Let me know what treasures you find! And as always, Mr. Deals Manchester is on the hunt for your next juicy bargain. Stay tuned!

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