How to save money on Hellofresh – cut those costs!

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Greetings, savvy shoppers! Mr. Deals Manchester here, and I won’t let those fantastic HelloFresh recipe boxes break the bank.

What is Hellofresh?

Here I share my top tips on how to save money on Hellofresh, whether you are a new or existing customer!

1 – Be a new customer!

Fresh to HelloFresh? You’re in for a treat. New customers can get 60% off their first box, with introductory offers sometimes reaching upwards of 60% off your first box.

You can get your first box for as little as £12 with 7 portions (making it just £2 per portion) or you can go for even better value and get the biggest box for just £25.20 for 20 portions, meaning it is just £1.26 per portion – and delivery is free on the first box too!

Personally even though I am just cooking for myself, I get the biggest box and then just eat the leftovers – it saves me a lot of time!

2 – Link your Hellofresh to Amazon Prime

Got Amazon Prime? Connect your accounts using this link to unlock a £4.99 discount on each and every HelloFresh box. That adds up!

This stacks with other discounts too – so if you have referral credit to use or they have sent you a code to lure you back, don’t worry that it is one or the other.

If you haven’t got Prime, try this link to see if you can get a free trial – sometimes they offer it to previous Prime subscribers, or at least a discount, so worth a check!

Bonus Tip: Once you’ve linked up your accounts, it appears that the discount might continue for up to 12 months, even if you decide to cancel your Prime membership. Can’t guarantee it’ll work, but there is no harm in finding out!

3 – Stop receiving deliveries!

Sometimes, taking a little break pays off. Stop your subscription, and then don’t be surprised if they try to win you back with exclusive discounts or offers to sweeten your return. It’s a little trick worth remembering!

4 – Cashback

Always be on the cashback hunt! If you sign up to Hellofresh via TopCashback for example, you can get additional cashback!

Just make sure you use their code if you want to give the cashback the best chance of tracking properly!

If you haven’t used TopCashback before – check out my blog post that goes into a lot more detail about how amazing it is!

5 – Bank account rewards

Check your own bank account rewards because sometimes they offer specific cashback – I have seen it on Natwest, Amex and Curve before but no doubt other banks also offer a bit of money back!

6 – Play the portions game

Do you enjoy leftovers or want to ensure those meals really stretch? Consider going for a slightly larger box (like the plan for four people, even if you are just two) and split those delicious meals across a couple of days. Since HelloFresh portions tend to be generous, this strategy can be a major money-saver in the long run.

7 – Be a traitor

HelloFresh isn’t the only game in town! If you enjoy the convenience of recipe boxes, check out these other tasty options:

Gousto: 65% off your first box! Similar to HelloFresh with a wide range of meal choices. They frequently offer generous introductory deals.

SimplyCook: If you’re more interested in adding flavor and flair to your own ingredients, SimplyCook delivers spice blends and recipe cards for an affordable and creative kitchen adventure.

Green Chef: Specialises in healthy, organic meals with plans for different dietary needs (keto, vegan, etc.)

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