Free £50 energy with Eon Next AND beat the price cap!

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While energy prices are set to drop a bit on the 1 April, they’re still a major pinch on most household budgets. But did you know you can get a bit more money off if you switch to a supplier who is offering a bonus?

Eon Next – £50 for signing up

Eon Next, one of the major energy suppliers in the UK, has a referral scheme going on where you (and your friends) can each get £50 in credit off your energy accounts just for signing up.

Not only this, they have a tariff with NO EXIT FEES that promises to be 3% below the price cap for the next year – which for most people is another £50 in their back pocket again!

What is the price cap?

The energy price cap is set to drop on 1 April – it limits the unit cost and standing charge for standard variable tariffs.

You may see it advertised as a whole number – e.g the figure for 1 April to 30 June 2024 is £1,690 per year – but this is a made-up figure based on typical usage, and not an actual bill cap!

Due to the price cap, currently all standard variable tarrifs from all suppliers are pretty much the same price – meaning that if you can get a bonus for switching, you are in the money!

So how do I get the £50 bonus from Eon Next?

It is extremely simple – use this link to sign up, and once your switch is complete and your first direct debit is successful, you will get £50 credit added to your account!

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one – once you sign up to switch, the suppliers do it all for you! You won’t notice any difference – the same energy will still be going to your house.

The only thing you will want to check is that you don’t have exit fees with your current supplier – you won’t if you are on a standard variable tariff, but may do if you are still in a fix.

Which tariff should I choose?

Whilst I can’t advise you on which tariff to choose, I do want to highlight the Next Pledge Tracker! I am not sure how long this tariff will be available, but I can confirm that at the time of writing it is available to new customers.

The amazing thing with this is that a few suppliers are offering fixes to beat the price cap, but they come with hefty exit fees – this tariff gets you a £50 credit (assuming you use my referral link), it will charge you 3% under the price cap, meaning that when the price cap falls, your bill falls again, and there are no exit fees so you aren’t tied in at all!

One point to note is that if you do sign up to this tariff and don’t have a smart meter already, then you are agreeing to get one – so if you don’t want a smart meter, don’t pick this one!

There are fixes available for those who like a bit more certainty but given they are above the current price cap, and the current price cap is expected to fall for the rest of the year, it isn’t something I would personally choose – but I open myself up to the risk that prices may indeed rise, and a fix removes this risk.

Should I stay with Eon Next once the switch has completed?

This part is up to you – remember that the £50 credit can only be used against energy, so use it or lose it! However, when the credit has been used, you may wish to see what other offers are out there – or you may wish to stick with Eon Next whilst they are offering a below-price cap tariff with no exit fees!

Do I recommend Eon Next?

Honestly – this blog post is here to communicate how to get free money and to save money on your energy bills. I am not here waving the flag for Eon Next saying they are the best – but what I can tell you is that I am with them, and the reason I am with them is because of the free money, the cheaper energy bills and I have had zero customer service issues so far.

According to Which, they are a middle of the road supplier in terms of the rating.

They offer customers sustainable energy, transparent billing and no exit fees. However, it lost marks because some customers rate it poor value for money – this does suggest to me that they survey was taken prior to them offering a £50 bill credit and 3% lower than the tracker – and the cynic in me thinks that perhaps Eon Next are offering such good value for money as a direct response to the Which results!

So where do I sign up?

If you have got this far and think Eon Next is the supplier for you, then use this link to get £50 credit!

If you have any questions at all, drop me a message on Instagram and I will do my best to help you, and there is a good chance whatever information you want will help all so I will update the blog post!

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