50% off over a million rail tickets! Be quick

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This offer has now expired

Choo-choo-choose your next adventure with the Great British Rail Sale!

Over a million discounted tickets will be available to destinations across England and Wales, as well as on cross-border trips into Scotland, for journeys taking place between 30 January and 15 March 2024.

When is the sale on?

Passengers will have from 23 to 29 January 2024 to claim up to 50% off selected advance and off-peak rail tickets.

Sale tickets will start to become available from midnight on 23 January 2024 – i.e the first minute of 23 January 2024.

What dates does the sale cover?

Tickets will be available for journeys taking place between 30 January and 15 March 2024.

Sale tickets will not be available on days where services may be affected by strikes, and it is always worth checking the updates before you travel in case.

Where can I buy tickets?

As at the time of writing, there is no link for the sale website.

The Rail Delivery Group will host a central webpage, helping customers find the best deals – I will include a link here when it is available.

Tickets will also be able to be found on all ticket retailer websites for journeys taking place between 30 January and 15 March 2024

What are typical savings?

Here are the savings from the Gov website – but the best thing you can do is check what journeys you often make, or any journeys you have planned but haven’t booked, when the sale goes live.

What action can I take now?

Set a reminder for the morning of the 23 January – I am not sure what time the tickets go live – and have a think about any journeys you want to book so you can grab the tickets before they sell out!

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