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If you set up a Nespresso Plus subscription with the code PLUS, you can get £15 off your first 3 orders.

This isn’t quite clear from how they advertise it, but this £15 off each of your first 3 orders – so £45 in total!

How do I get this offer?

If you haven’t already registered, go to this link and set up an account.

Then once you have set up an account, go to this link and click that you already have a machine – I am writing this offer for those who already have a machine, but later on in this article I will explain whether getting a machine is worth it or not.

Then when you have clicked that, scroll down past the numbers to “get started”

This is an amazing deal because it works out to be the biggest discount I have ever seen on Nespresso.

This is my recurring order – these 50 capsules would usually cost me £21.90. However, with the PLUS promotion, it is going to cost me £6.90!

In addition to that, they also give you one free sleever of coffee for every 70 capsules you order – so my next order includes a sleeve of Stockholm Lungo completely free!

You can pause or cancel this subscription anytime, so if you just want the bargain coffee, cancel it once you have had the 3 deliveries. This is what I will be doing.

Anything I need to watch out for?

Annoyingly, when the subscription is first set up, your email confirmation might not show the discount. If you want 100% comfort, contact Nespresso to confirm, but this is a known ‘glitch’ on their end and is visual.

This is my latest invoice – as you can see, they also gave me some Origin Gran Lungo Cups (RRP – £26) for free to – absolutely no idea why, but this is quite the bargain- 50 capsules and 2 cups for just £7, delivered!

Can I get cashback?

Yes – go via TopCashback and you should get a few pennies back.

I have seen there are amazing offers on the Vertuo machine – should I get this?

At the time of writing, you can get a Vertuo machine for just £79, including 50 free capsules and also a milk frother.

The 50 Vertuo capsules are pre-selected, and would cost you £31 full price – though bear in mind if you were choosing yourself, you may not choose these options.

The milk frother you get retails for £89, so if we go off list price alone, this makes it worth it. However, there are two things to remember.

Firstly, if you wouldn’t pay £89 for the frother, then it isn’t worth £89 – its value to you is how much you would pay for it.

Secondly, you have to sign up for a subscription – however, this subscription does give you £75 off your first 6 orders, being £12.50 per order.

Note that you cannot buy Vertuo-compatible capsules in shops – so if you tie yourself into a Vertuo subscription, then you are a bit stuck.

However, I think this can be worth it – 50 coffees, a frother and £12.50 off 6 Vertuo orders. Assuming each subscription order cost you £31 (lets just pretend you get the same capsules as the pre-selected), this means over 6 months you would spend £111 on coffee, plus the £79 on the origianl deal – so £190 for 350 coffees , working out at 54p per coffee, and I think you’d end up getting some extra free sleeves too.

Just remember, they want to basically get you addicted to their coffee (who knew caffeine was addictive hey?), so just work out whether full price is also worth it for you, and you may prefer to buy an Original machine which allows you to buy third party capsules.

Do Nespresso do other offers?

At the moment, you can get this on their website.

They regularly do other offers, and I will come back and update this.

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