Co-Op Bank Referral – Get £125 for free!

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This is a fantastic offer – not only do you get free money, somebody else does too! If you meet the following eligbility criteria, read on! (And if you already have a Co-Op account, also read on, as there is some free money for you too!)

This is the link to the further details, and from there on you can also click to apply for the account.

Which accounts are eligible?

Given the Everyday Extra, it is very likely you will want to apply for the no-fee Current Account – and that account is eligible for the switching bonus.

How do I get my free money?

Once the account is open, and you have a confirmed switch end date (make sure to make a note of this during the application process), you can fill in the referral form.

If you need details for the form, then please message me on Instagram but only once you are ready to fill in the form, i.e when your own account is open and you have a switch date – I will not be sending my own referral details, but instead will be using other people’s details – this is my way of saying thank you to all my amazing followers! Read more below.

What do I need to do to meet all of the elibility criteria?

Broadly, just do the following.

You can find out all the info on the Refer a Friend website and also in the T&Cs, which I recommend you read.

Can I switch any bank account to the Co-Op?

No you can’t – you can only switch those that are part of the Current Account Switching Service (CASS).

This rules out Chase for example, which I wouldn’t recommend switching away from anyway given the debit card cashback, but it is a common one that people have at the moment.

For more details on bank switching generally, check out my full blog post here.

Do I need to close my old account?

No you don’t – that is all done for you by CASS.

When does this promotion end?

Currently there is no end-date for this promotion, but there will be one at some point so I will make sure to come back when there is to update this post.

I am an existing customer – can I get a bonus?

Yes – you might be able to!

As a thank you to my community, instead of sharing my own Co-Op referral details, I will in fact be sharing yours!

So if you are an existing customer, and you have no plans to close your account in the next few months, please send me on the following details on Instagram:-

I will need all 5 pieces of information in order to be able to pass on your details.

Please note that I cannot guarantee your referral will be used, and if it is to be used, I cannot guarantee it’ll be eligible.

Your details will not be used by me for any other purpose except passing onto somebody who says they need details, but I cannot control what soembody else does with these details, so please provide at your own risk.

You can also of course refer your own friends and family!

I have seen other people getting their bonus earlier than 60 days – why is this?

Whilst Co-Op give themselves up to 60 days to pay the bonus, it just so happens that sometimes they pay it earlier!

If you have definitely met all of the critiera and haven’t received your switching bonus, then give them a call on 0345 721 2212.

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