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What is JamDoughnut?

JamDoughnut is a free app that allows you to earn instant cashback on your purchases from hundreds of retailers, both online and in-store.

Click this link now and use the code QZJQ when you register.

Is the app worth it?

Well as you can see below, since downloading it, I have purchased 55 gift cards with an average instant cashback rate of 4.28%

It is an app that I love and use on a regular basis! So I highly recommend it to you all.

Do I get a bonus if I sign up?

Yes, if you download and use the code QZJQ when you register, you get £2 completely free!

If you sign up before midday on the 26 June 2023, you may also win £1,000 – quite the incentive!

What brands are on JamDoughnut?

So there are literally hundreds of brands on the app and there is no doubt there will be lots that you visit on a regular basis.

So for example, I do my shopping at Morrisons as it is the closest supermarket to me – so I get 3.5% cashback on Morrisons gift cards, which is free money!

Also on the app are Asda (2.5%), Aldi (2%), Farmfoods (3%), Iceland (7%), Waitrose (2.5%), M&S (4%), Sainsburys (2%) and Tesco (1.5%) – so if you are shopping at any of these supermarkets and not using a gift card, then you are missing out on free money!

Lets say you spend £100 each week at Tesco, you may think 1.5% is a small amount, but then that £1.50 cashback can buy a bottle of milk – and it takes about 30 seconds. Surely worth it?

I know many of you also visit coffee shops, so before you go next time, grab a gift card for Costa (8%) or Caffe Nero (6%)

The best thing to do is download the app yourself and see what brands are on there – just remember to use the referral code QZJQ.

How do I use JamDoughnut?

Firstly, download the app and register with the referral code QZJQ – this ensures you get your £2 bonus!

Then just search for a specific brand or have a browse – there are 100s to choose from.

When paying, I would recommend choosing the Bank Transfer option. You don’t have to faff about entering details – it just takes you to your banking app, and this is the best way to maximise the cashback.

Then once purchased, your gift card should appear immediately, though just check on the specific retailer’s page as it will say if it could take longer.

I would recommend that the first time you use the app, you buy the gift card in advance to get a feel for it – you will then see how easy it is!

Is there a minimum spend?

Most brands let you spend as little as £1 – so even if you are just nipping to Costa for a small cappuccino, make sure you grab that cashback!

How long does it take to receive the cashback and the gift card?

Once you make a purchase through JamDoughnut, your cashback will be added to your account immediately.

The gift card may is usually available instantly too – and for this reason, I usually actually buy a gift card there and then once I have scanned all my shopping in a supermarket, but not all gift cards come immediately.

I have noticed that Asda gift cards usually take a couple of minutes to come through.

Is there a minimum cashout?

The minimum amount needed to cashout is £10, but the £2 referral bonus with the code QZJQ gives you a fantastic headstart.

Can I stack this with other cashback apps?

This depends on the cashback app.

Airtime Rewards (code – KTMM46YD) is linked to your card – so if you are buying your groceries with a gift card, there will be nothing for them to track.

LoyalBe and Cheddar are linked to your bank account, so again, there is nothing to track if using a gift card rather than paying directly from your own bank account.

TopCashback, if using online, may or may not work. Quite often, it says in the T&Cs that using a gift card will invalidate any cashback claim – however, sometimes it still tracks and pays out. Equally, not all T&Cs on TopCashback say this.

Ultimately, I would let numbers guide you – if you can get more cashback elsewhere, then don’t buy a gift card from JamDoughnut.

It is likely to make a lot more sense for in-store purchases, and I tend to stick to using it for groceries, coffee shops and restaurants.

Can I stack this with supermarket loyalty programs such as Clubcard, Nectar etc…?

Yes – using gift cards shouldn’t stop you from earning loyalty points from the supermarket or shop itself.

If I need to return something, how will I get my refund?

This is the one thing to be careful about with gift cards in general – any refunds will be processed back onto a gift card.

Therefore I only advise using JamDoughnut (and any gift card) for purchases you are unlikely to need to return.

For example, the Currys instant cashback of 4% may seem tempting, but what if you buy an expensive item that you need to return, and are stuck with a Currys gift card that you don’t want?


JamDoughnut is a great way to earn instant cashback on your purchases. It’s free to use, easy to set up, and there are a wide variety of retailers to choose from.

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your shopping, I highly recommend checking out JamDoughnut.

Sign up now and use the code QZJQ when you register for a £2 bonus!

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