Mixr app review – Free drink and free £5

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A new app has been launched – Mixr – and if you download it today using my referral code – RF5RZUX3 -you will get a free drink and a free £5 cash voucher. Then you can refer friends and family too and between you, very quickly earn enough for a free night out.

What is Mixr?

Stonegate Pub Company have launched a new app called Mixr – you won’t see any Stonegate advertising on it , so much like their WeLoveSport app, they want to present themselves as a ‘general’ app when in reality, only their pubs are on there.

How do I get a free drink and free £5?

Download the app and use my referral code – RF5RZUX3 – the vouchers will take around 30 minutes to show up.

Make sure to link your bank card too – no money will be taken.

Should I wait to download it?

The vouchers themselves appear to last for six months, and given this is a launch offer, it is quite obvious that they will quite soon stop offering both the £5 cash vouchers and the free drinks.

So my advice is to definitely download it now (use my referral code – RF5RZUX3) and also send to your friends and family – it won’t take them long to sign up, register and link a bank card, and this way you can grab the vouchers before they pull the scheme.

How many venues are on there?

Slug and Lettuce, Walkabout, Be at One and Yates are on there – so its good if you visit these places.

There are also lots of pubs on there that are less corporate, and you wouldn’t even know they were part of a wider group! Some examples from Manchester are…

The best way is just to download the app, register and see for yourself.

Even if you aren’t sure when you might use it, I would recommend downloading now (code – RF5RZUX3) and grabbing the vouchers.

What else does the Mixr app actually offer?

You can also use the app to book tables and earn points – but I am not exactly sure how the points add up. I am looking into this – but wanted to get this blog post up ASAP to make sure you can all get free drinks and free £5 vouchers?

How do I refer friends?

Once you have downloaded the app and used my referral code – RF5RZUX3 – then you can refer friends too.

If there are a few of you going out, refer each other and share the rewards!

Let’s say 4 of you are going out – if one of you downloads the app using my referral code, you will get a free drink voucher and a free £5 cash voucher.

Then if you refer 3 other friends, they will each get a free drink voucher and a free £5 cash voucher, and you will get another 3 x £5 cash vouchers.

So between you, you will have 4 free drinks and £35 extra to spend – not bad for 2 minutes to download and register an app right?

Why don’t the vouchers disappear?

What I have noticed is currently, when you use a voucher, it doesn’t remove itself from the app – so this means it is quite hard to keep track of! I am sure there will be a few out there who try to claim it is unused too and use again – I wouldn’t recommend

The app is completely new so I would expect a few updates in the next few weeks – one of these will no doubt fix this problem, but beware – updates could also inevitably lead to restrictions in the scheme!

Are there any other ways to get free drinks?

Yes – join DUSK using my code (PAUL-BFF9) and we both get 500 points. Blog post coming soon.

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