83% off Gousto – triple deal stack!

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So Gousto is brilliant – I use the service every week and it makes my life a lot easier. The problem? It is a bit expensive at full price.

Did you know though that if you stack a few intro deals, it becomes much, much cheaper than the supermarket for the first box?

So how do I get the discount?

The first thing you want to do is click this link to get 65% off your first box – this is already a fantastic offer.

If you get a box of 4 meals for 4 people, this would usually cost you £47.85 before delivery (£2.99 per portion), but this discount brings it down to just £16.75 (£1.05 per portion).

That sounds amazing, but can I get it even cheaper?

I am glad you asked – in fact you can get 83% off if you choose exclusively from the Save and Savour menu!

Each week they have a range of these meals to choose from, and you can save an extra 50p per portion

This means that for 16 portions, you can get a box for just £8.75 – working out at just under 55p per portion!

But doesn’t that mean I might actually be better off getting a bigger box?

It does – well spotted!

Because this discount combines a percentage (65% off) with a round discount (50p off per portion), the maths works out such that it is actually cheaper overall to get 16 portions than it is to get 12 portions!

Here is the comparison side-by-side – see how adding in an extra recipe (the one on the right has 4 recipes, not 3), actually brings the overall price down?

This is because by adding in 4 extra save and savour portions, you get an extra £2 off – but to add in an extra 4 meals, with the 65% discount, only adds an extra £1.78 – hence why you actually save 22p by getting 33% more food!

And I know some of you get the 2 person boxes – but have you thought about getting a 4 person box and having the leftovers for lunch if there is 2 of you? As you can see below, if you get 4 meals for 2 people from the Save and Savour range, it is only 50p cheaper than getting 4 meals for 4 people.

So for an extra 50p (overall, not per portion!), you can double your meals!

I live alone, and I get the 4 person box and it just sorts me out for 4 meals! Gives me more time to hunt for deals for all of you.

That sounds too good to be true – surely I can’t save even more?

You will be glad to know all new customers get free delivery on their first box, so you save an extra £3.99, as you can see in the photos above!

So how do I grab the discount?

Just follow this link to grab it – and if you refer your friends, you can get £20 credit towards your next box too!

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