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If you click a link in this article, it might be a referral or an affiliate link, meaning I probably get some money or some form of incentive if you register and eventually use the product. This never impacts my editorial recommendations or decisions – if it’s in, it’s in there because I independently rate it and any review or opinion, whether positive or negative, is not affected by any incentive I may or may not receive.

Do you have a birthday? Then this post is for you! You can get loads of freebies and offers as each brand fights to be a part of your special day.

Don’t wait until the big day to sign up either – all will require you to have registered at least a day before, usually a lot longer – so the sooner, the better! Then just be patient and wait.

I also don’t recommend lying about your birthday to get the offer, as some will ask for ID (but some won’t!).

These are in no specific order, but I have tried to bring the actual freebies (rather than discounts/offers) to the top and if you can’t wait, then follow me on Instagram for daily deals and personal finance tips!

No purchase necessary

Costa Coffee – Free cake – Code 25HDI

Download the Costa app and get free cake on your birthday – no purchase necessary!

Registering with the code above means that after 1 buying 1 coffee with a re-usable cup, you will get a free drink too! (or 2 coffees without)

If you already have the app, make sure your birthday is correct to ensure you get your freebie!

Shopmium – Free chocolate

If you are a gold member on Shopmium

Greggs – Free sweet treat

Sign up to the Greggs app and get a free sweet treat on your birthday!

You also get a free hot drink when you sign up too.

Table Table/Whitbread Inns/Cookhouse and Pub – Free meal

Get a completely free meal (no purchase necessary) when you sign up for Tasty Rewards!

You can only use one per table, so this is a good on to go and bag by yourself – what better than a free birthday meal alone?!

The downside to this offer is that you can’t register online, so pop down to your local and pick up a rewards card to then activate online.

Krispy Kreme – free doughnut

Get a free doughnut on your birthday when you register for Krispy Kreme

You also get a free OG doughnut when you register, so get on it!

Subway – free cookie – Code X-5YTDTJU

Apple App store link

Google Play store link

It isn’t quite clear if this one is still runing, as they last posted on Facebook in 2016 about it, but if it is, you will get a free cookie on your birthday!

However, even if it isn’t running, you can get a free side or two free drinks when you register with the code

Lidl Plus – free doughnut

Download the Lidl Plus app and get a free doughnut on your birthday!

The voucher is valid for seven days from your birthday.

Barburrito – free burrito

Download the app and get a free burrito on your birthday!

Make sure you register at least 48 hours before your birthday.

Chopstix – free birthday box

If you sign up to their newsletter, you get a free small box!

Another great thing with this offer is that you can claim your free box for up to 7 days after your birthday, so I will be using this for a work lunch in the week after.

Also, if you sign up to the app with the referral code 91588, then you get free spring rolls too!

Check out

Boost Juice Bars – Free Smoothie

Download the Boost Juice App now, and enter your date of birth when registering to grab yourself a free birthday drink!

You can also register on their website, but I would recommend downloading the app to grab the reward.

Auntie Anne’s – Free Pretzel

Sign up for the app and get a free pretzel on your birthday!

Lindt Free 200g box

Join My Lindt Rewards and get a free box of chocolate on your birthday!

There is a £20 minimum spend online, but if you are lucky enough to live close to a store, you can redeem there with no purchase necessary!

GailsFree sweet treat

This bakery, which is expanding fast (they now have 112 locations, of which 32 are outside London) , will give you a free sweet during the month of your birthday.

Note that your birthday is an optional field when you sign up – so make sure you fill it in! And if you have already registered and aren’t sure, then drop a quick e-mail to make sure your account reflects your birthday.

You also get a free coffee when you sign up and this voucher lasts for 2 months, so make sure when signing up that you expect to be able to use the coffee in that time period!

Honest Burgers – £10 voucher

This one isn’t advertised, but so far, those who sign up to the newsletter receive a £10 voucher on their birthday!

If you are lucky enough to receive the voucher, it is valid for 30 days, and is a great one to combine with the £10 lunch deal, making it completely free!

Knoops – Free hot chocolate

Sign up and get a free £5 drink on your birthday!

You will then need to download the app to redeem this – to be honest, the app is a bit clunky, but worth it for the freebie!

Purchase necessary

Hotel Chocolat – £5 voucher

Sign up to VIP.ME and get a free £5 voucher on your birthday.

This isn’t technically free, as there is a minmum spend of £5.01, but some stores ignore this spending requirement, and even if not, you can get yourself a very cheap treat.

Muffin Break – Free Muffin

Download the Muffin Break app and register now to get a free muffin on your birthday!

Make sure you just download the app rather than trying to register via the website, as that way you don’t need a physical rewards card.

You also get a free coffee when you register – check out this post for loads of free coffees!

The Body ShopFree £5 voucher

You will get a £5 free voucher with no minimum spend to spend on your birthday.

Purchase necessary

Walkabout £25 bar tab

So if you sign up to the mailing list, you get a £25 bar tab to spend between you and at least 5 other mates.

I have put this in the purchase necessary section because it might be difficult to get a round of 6 drinks for under £25 – I have heard of people turning up with less than this and getting away with it, but I wouldn’t rely on it!

Rituals – Free gift

Join the My Rituals loyalty club and you will get a free birthday gift. I downloaded the app to register. The gift seems to vary, but there is a purchase necessary.

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