The best free takeaway coffee – never pay again!

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Download the Greggs app and register – you will get a free hot drink once all set up!

You can also get a free sausage roll or sweet treat from Greggs via Virgin Red to go with it – sign up here and your welcome points will cover a free coffee voucher!

You can also get one free coffee each week from O2 Priority, but be quick – they are often out of stock quite early in the day.

If you don’t have O2 Priority, check out this blog post for how to get it without being a customer.

200 Degrees

Download their app now, and get a free drink when you register with the referral code 77628 – there is no expiry date on the voucher!

Once you have downloaded, you can also refer friends too, so make sure to send your own code onto your friends and bag even more drinks!

Click here to find out if there is a 200 degrees near you – they are primarily in the Midlands and North.

Costa Coffee

If you are a Vodafone customer, you can get VeryMe rewards – there are lots of amazing offers on this, and I would say every 4-6 weeks, there is usually a free Costa hot or cold drink to redeem.

If you aren’t on Vodafone but have a family member or friend who is, ask them if they will be using their code and grab it if not! It says that it lasts for 1 hour, but so far, if you screenshot the code, you can usually use it until the end of the day – this is subject to change, so don’t rely on it, but a little tip for you!

If you haven’t yet registered for the Costa app, you can get 6 free beans if you register with the referral code


If you are an IKEA Family member, then you can get a free tea or coffee in-store Monday to Friday just by scanning your card!


Grab a MyWaitrose card, and grab a free hot drink with any purchase in-store – make sure you take a re-useable cup though!

You can grab

There is no minimum spend for this offer, but you do have to buy something! The T&Cs state that carrier bags aren’t excluded, but if you want to go as cheap as possible, head to the fruit and veg aisle – as Andy Clever Cash found out, you can buy a mushroom for as little as 1p, or a banana for 7p – not bad for a ‘free’ coffee!

Caffe Nero

Download the Caffe Nero app, and

Using your MyWaitrose card from the previous paragraph (sign up here if you haven’t already) take this into a Caffe Nero and ask the Barista to register it.

The website says that you must make a purchase – I am not sure if baristas have the ability to register the card without a purchase, but definitely worth asking! Otherwise, there will be a cheap chocolate to buy.

Not a freebie for all, but if you have a qualifying Vitality insurance plan make sure to link your account to Caffe Nero, and you can get a free coffee each week.

Dunkin Donuts

Download the Dunkin Donuts app, and get a free coffee! Use the code ILOVEDUNKIN when you register.

Blank Street (London)

Sign up for Blank Street and register with the code CCA30C and you will get your first drink free!

After signing up, you should have 10 points in your account which you can use to redeem for a free drink.

However, you can get two drinks free with this little hack!

After using my referral code, you will get 10 points. However, when at checkout, don’t use these points – instead, reduce the points down to 0, and use the promo code MONUMENT instead – this way, you get your first drink free, then will the points leftover for a second free drink.

You have to do it in this order, because if you use the points, then the code MONUMENT is no longer valid (as it is for first orders only)

EL&N Cafe

Sign up for the EL&N app, and get £5 free credit!

This can be used on Click and Collect orders, so make sure your local is on the app! And you don’t have to spent it on coffee – you can spend the £5 on anything.

At the moment, Manchester Trafford Centre isn’t on there yet.

Notes Coffee (London)

Download the app and register and you will get your first coffee for free!


Download the app and get a free coffee!

Note the reward may not come through straight away – mine showed up after a few hours.

WatchHouse – London

Download the app and get a free coffee

Crosstown Doughnuts

If you download the Crosstown app, then after your first purchase you will get £5 to spend AND a free coffee.

When I was last in London, I just ordered the cheapest thing on their menu which was a Karma Cola for £1.50, then immediately got the £5 voucher and the free coffee.

The app is a bit clunky, so proceed with caution but it all worked fine for me!

Muffin Break

Download the Muffin Break app and when you register, you will get a free coffee!

You will also get a free muffin on your birthday.


So this isn’t a typucal freebie, but if you ask me nicely on Instagram, you can borrow my Pret subscription for a free one.

If you want 50% off the first month of your own Pret subscription, which gets you up to 5 Barista made drinks a day and 10% off food, then use this link.

Coffee Club – 25% off coffee

You can get a free 30 day trial for Coffee Club, which gives you 25% off coffee at Caffe Nero, Krispy Kreme, Black Sheep Coffee and loads of independents!

You can also get £1.05 back via TopCashback if you take out a monthly membership – I am not sure if this will track or not for the free trial, but I have given it a go!

You can also access Coffee Club for free via My Vodafone – my advice would be to download the Coffee Club app seperately to browse shops, but then show your membership within the VeryMe rewards section in your My Vodafone app.

You can also get it for free with Tastecard – so if you have one already its worth checking that out, or click here for a free 90-day trial.

Just remember to cancel the free trial before the 90 days is up!

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